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Special Volumes*

*Collections of papers with a unified theme submitted together for publication, in contrast to other manuscripts submitted individually, which were, up unitl 2010, compiled into "regular" issues published annually, and since 2012, have each beeen published individually, monograph style.

JONA Special Volume 11 (2018–)

Selected Papers from the North Atlantic Archaeology Group 2013 Symposium: The Viking Age and the Early Middle Ages




JONA special volume 11 cover

JONA Special Volume 10 (2017):

North American East Coast Shell Midden Research



JONA special volume 10 cover

JONA Special Volume 9 (2015):

2010 Hebridean Archaeological Forum



JONA special volume 9 cover

JONA Special Volume 8 (2015–2017):

Debating the Thing in the North II: Selected Papers from Workshops Organized by The Assembly Project



JONA special volume 8 cover

JONA Special Volume 7 (2014–2018):

Viking Settlers of the North Atlantic: An Isotopic Approach


JONA special volume 7 cover

JONA Special Volume 6 (2014):

In the Footsteps of Vebæk Vatnahverfi Studies 2005–2011


JONA special volume 6 cover

JONA Special Volume 5 (2013):

Debating the Thing in the North I: Selected Papers from Workshops Organized by The Assembly Project

JONA special volume 5 cover

JONA Special Volume 4 (2013):

Across the Sólundarhaf: Connections between Scotland and the Nordic World
Selected Papers from the Inaugural St. Magnus Conference 2011

JONA special volume 4 cover

JONA Special Volume 3 (2012):

Greenland Isotope Project:
Diet in Norse Greenland AD 1000–AD 1450

JONA special volume 3 cover

JONA Special Volume 2 (2009–2010):

Norse Greenland: Selected Papers from the Hvalsey Conference 2008

JONA special volume 2 cover

JONA Special Volume 1 (2009–2011):

Archaeologies of the Early Modern North Atlantic

JONA special volume 1 cover
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