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Below is the list of 2020 week-long seminars that were scheduled this summer at Eagle Hill. All were cancelled because of the coronavirus. With hopefully reasonable optimism, we are working on re-scheduling them for next summer.

As a direct result of and as a creative response to the coronavirus, we are working on developing an annual series of online-only Mini-seminars, the first of which are being offered this year. Eagle Hill natural history training programs thus now have the following three formats.

Summer Week-long Seminars ... This page features the traditional week-long, in-person, and in-residence field seminars we have been offering since 1987. All are intensive training opportunities that are taught at the Insitute by expert instructors. All involve field trips that are focused on learning about the ecology of species in their natural outdoor environment. The indoor classroom part of these seminars includes lectures, discussions, and lab identifications and studies of specimens that have been collected in the field. They begin with a Sunday late afternoon arrival and dinner at 7 PM, followed by an introductory program. Mondays through Fridays are full teaching days that combine field trips, lectures, and lab studies, with meals serving as relaxed settings for informal discussions. Evenings are set aside for discussions by the fireplace in the dining hall's comfortable lounge or for follow-up classroom activities. They conclude after breakfast on Saturday. 

Fall Weekend Workshops ... Our in-person and in-residence workshops offer shorter intensive learning opportunites over weekends with expert instructors. We have been offering them since 2014. Please see ... Link.

Online-only Mini-seminars ... These seminars are taught live online by expert instructors outside of normal work-week hours, i.e., during evenings and on weekends. The first seminars are being offered this year by way of Zoom. Please see ... Link.

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2020 Summer Week-long Seminars ... All Cancelled

When links to flyers have been added, titles are underlined. For seminars marked with *1 or *2, see Link.
May 24 - 30 Lichen Identification and Ecology (*1) ... Cancelled Troy McMullin
May 24 - 30 Marine Macroalgae: Ecology, Identification, Distribution, and Importance (*1) ... Cancelled Amanda Savoie
May 31 - Jun 6 The Lichen Genus Lepraria ... Cancelled James Lendemer
May 31 - Jun 6 Introduction to Bryophytes and Lichens ... Cancelled Fred Olday
Jun 7 - 13 Mosses in the Field: A New Approach to Identification ... Cancelled Jerry Jenkins and Susan Williams
Jun 7 - 13 Tardigrades: Ecology, Identification, and Biology... Cancelled  Emma Perry
Jun 14 - 20 Field Botany and Medicinal Plants of the Maine Coast ... Cancelled Steven Foster
Jun 14 - 20 Freshwater and Diadromous Fishes of New England: Identification, Regional Perspectives, and Trends ... Cancelled David Halliwell
Jun 21 - 27 Independent Lichen Studies: Interesting and Challenging Crustose Lichens (*1) ... Cancelled Alan Fryday
Jun 21 - 27    
Jun 28 - Jul 4 Native Bees: Biology, Ecology, Identification and Conservation ... Cancelled Sara Bushmann and Kalyn Bickerman-Martens
Jun 28 - Jul 4 Liverworts and Liverwort Ecology (*1) ... Cancelled Blanka Aguero
Jul 5 - 11 Tracks and Signs of Insects and Other Invertebrates ... Cancelled Charley Eiseman
Jul 5 - 11 Sedges and Rushes: An Ecological Approach ... Cancelled Jerry Jenkins
Jul 12 - 18 Wetland Identification, Delineation and Ecology (*2) ... Cancelled Rick Van de Poll and Joseph Homer
Jul 12 - 18 Farmers in the Marsh: An Innovative Approach to Holistic Salt Marsh Restoration (*1) ... Cancelled Susan Adamowicz and David Burdick, and Geoff Wilson
Jul 19 - 25 Ericaceous Heaths and the Ericaceae: Understanding Vegetation Patterns (*1) ... Cancelled Paul Manos
Jul 19 - 25 Grasses of the Greater Northeast: Identification and Ecology ... Cancelled Dennis Magee
Jul 19 - 25 Drawing from Nature: It's All in the Details! (Textures, Techniques, and Tricks) ... Cancelled Dorie Petrochko
Jul 26 - Aug 1 Mushroom Identification for New Mycophiles: Foraging for Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms (*1) ... Cancelled Greg Marley and Michaeline Mulvey
Jul 26 - Aug 1 Moths and Butterflies: Identification, Specimen Preparation, and Taxonomy ... Cancelled Paul Dennehy
Jul 26 - Aug 1 The Poet and the Natural World ... Cancelled Hayley Kolding
Aug 2 - 8 Potamogetonaceae: Diversity and Ecology of the Pondweeds ... Cancelled C Barre Hellquist and Eric Hellquist
Aug 2 - 8    
Aug 9 - 15 Spider Ecology, Identification, Biology, and Photography (*1) ... CancelledKefyn Catley
Aug 9 - 15    
Aug 16 - 22 Bird Banding Techniques (Songbirds and Raptors): Live-trapping, In-hand Aging, Sexing, and Data Collection ... Cancelled Adrienne Leppold and David Brinker
Aug 16 - 22    
Aug 23 - 29 Trichoptera of Eastern North America: Morphology, Molecular Systematics, Ecology, and New Research Directions (*2) ... Cancelled John Morse and Paul Frandsen
Aug 23 - 29 Diversity and Evolution in the Moss Order Funariales ... Cancelled Bernard Goffinet and William Buck
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