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Summer Field Seminars. This page features the traditional week-long, in-person, and in-residence field seminars we have been offering since 1987. All are intensive training opportunities that are taught by expert instructors. All involve field trips that are focused on learning about the ecology of species in their natural outdoor environment. The indoor classroom part of these seminars includes lectures, discussions, and lab identifications and studies of specimens that have been collected in the field. They begin with a Sunday late afternoon arrival and dinner at 7 PM, followed by an introductory program. Mondays through Fridays are full teaching days, with meal times as relaxed settings for informal discussions. Evenings are set aside for discussions by the fireplace in the dining hall's comfortable lounge or for follow-up classroom activities. They conclude after breakfast on Saturday.

Other Eagle Hill Natural History Programs:

Fall Weekend Workshops. These in-person and in-residence workshops offer shorter intensive learning opportunites over weekends with expert instructors. We have been offering them since 2014.

Online Seminars. These fully interactive seminars are taught online by expert instructors outside of normal work-week hours, i.e., during evenings (Eastern Time) and on weekends. They are offered by way of Zoom and are interactive without the use of recorded presentations.

Nature Retreats. The Eagle Hill Institute is open for Nature Retreats year-round, for guests who would like to escape to the coast of eastern Maine to immerse themselves in nature.

A nature retreat guest option is available during seminar weeks.

We welcome guests who would like to come to Eagle Hill for a nature retreat, rather than a seminar.

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2023 Summer Field Seminars (Some still pending)

Titles are underlined when a link to the flyers has been added. Those marked with *1, *2, *3* or *4, see the tuition section here.
May 14 – 20 Lichens and Lichen Ecology Troy McMullin
May 21 – 27 Marine Macroalgae: Ecology, Identification, Distribution, and Importance Amanda Savoie
Jun 4 – 10 Introduction to the Study of Bryophytes Fred Olday
Jun 4 – 10 Scientific Illustration: Flora and Fauna of Coastal Maine in Pen and Ink Cancelled. Dolores Santoliquido
Jun 11 - 17 Mosses in the Field: From the Beginning Full. Jerry Jenkins
Jun 11 - 17 Tardigrade Biology, Ecology, Field Sampling, and Identification Emma Perry
Jun 11 - 17 Practical Boating Course Cancelled. Craig Shipp
Jun 18 - 24 Diversity and Biology of Annual Mosses Bernard Goffinet and William Buck
Jun 25 – Jul 1 Ecology, Diversity, and Identification of Sphagnum Mosses *1 Full. Jon Shaw
Jun 25 – Jul 1 Natural History of Native Bees: Biology, Ecology, Identification, and Conservation Full. Nicholas Dorian and Max McCarthy
Jul 2 - 8 Grasses and Sedges as a Way to Read the Landscape Full. Brett Engstrom and Jerry Jenkins
Jul 9 – 15 Wetland Identification, Delineation, and Ecology *2 Full. Rick Van de Poll and Joseph Homer
Jul 9 –15 Grass Identification: An In-depth Review Full. Dennis Magee
Jul 16 – 22 The Worlds of the Ants: Natural History, Cultural History, and Research Perspectives Cancelled. Aaron Ellison
Jul 16 – 22 Discomycetes and Pyrenomycetes *1 Cancelled. Andrew Nicholas Miller, Teresa Iturriaga, and Alberto Miguel Stchiegel Glikman
Jul 23 – 29 Ericaceous Heaths and the Ericaceae *1 Cancelled. Paul Manos and José Meireles
Jul 23 – 29 Spider Biology, Ecology, Field Sampling, and Identification *1 Cancelled. Kefyn Catley
Jul 30 – Aug 5 Identification Skills for the New Mushroomer: Foraging for Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms *1 Full. Greg Marley and Michaeline Mulvey
Jul 30 – Aug 5 Field Botany of the Maine Coast: Learning to Network with the iNaturalist Community Cancelled. Robert Wernerehl
Aug 6 – 12 Lichens, Biofilms, and Stone Full. Judy Jacob and Manuela Dal Forno
Aug 6 – 12 Submersed and Emergent Aquatic Flowering Plant *1 Full. C. Barre Hellquist and Melissa Cullina
Aug 13 – 19 EPT Taxa: The Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera, and Trichoptera as Bio-indicators Steven Burian
Aug 13 – 19 Microlepidoptera: Diversity, Ecology, Field Sampling, and Identification Techniques Jason Dombroskie
Aug 20 – 26 Ferns and Lycophytes: Identification, Biology, and Natural History *2 Full. Robbin Moran, Carl Taylor, Alejandra Vasco
Aug 20 – 26 Banding Songbirds and Raptors: Livetrapping, In-hand Aging and Sexing, and Data Collection Full. Adrienne Leppold, David Brinker, and Alison Fetterman
Aug 27 - Sep 2 Identification of Trees and Woody Plants of the Northern Forest: A Wholistic Approach Cancelled. Erika Mitchell
Aug 27 - Sep 2 Introduction to the Study Lichens Cancelled. Fred Olday
Sep 9 - 14 Workshop in Technique & Interpretation for Plucked Instruments Old and New Hopkinson Smith
Sep 10 - 16 Practical Boating Course Craig Shipp
Sep 24 – 30 Plein Air Artist's Fall Foliage Retreat on the Coast of Maine *3 A mentored retreat with an open-house art show
Oct 1 – 7 Ecological Conversations: Coyotes, Humans, and Ethics Cancelled. Geri Vistein
Oct 1 – 7 Plein Air Artist's Fall Foliage Retreat on the Coast of Maine *3 A mentored retreat with an open-house art show
Oct 8 - 11 (3 days) Fall Mushrooms in a Changing Climate *4 David Porter and Michaeline Mulvey
Oct 8 – 14 Plein Air Artist's Fall Foliage Retreat on the Coast of Maine *3 A mentored retreat with an open-house art show
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