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Eagle Hill natural history training programs have the following three formats.

Summer Week-long Seminars ... These are the traditional week-long, in-person, and in-residence field seminars we have been offering since 1987. Please see ... Link.

Fall Workshops ... This page features our in-person and in-residence Weekend Workshops. They serve as distraction-free weekends away from work and home to learn from a specialist. They begin with a late Friday afternoon arrival and dinner at 7 PM, followed by an introductory program. Saturdays and Sundays are full teaching days that combine field trips, lectures, and lab studies, with meals serving as relaxed settings for informal discussions. Evenings are set aside for discussions by the fireplace in the dining hall's comfortable lounge or for follow-up classroom activities. Each workshop concludes about 5 PM on Sunday to allow for travel time home. Dinner is not provided that evening. Participants are invited to consider an extend stay (see below).

Online-only Mini-seminars ... These seminars are taught live online by expert instructors outside of normal work-week hours, i.e., during evenings and on weekends. The first seminars are being offered this year by way of Zoom. Please see ... Link.

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2020 Fall Weekend Workshops ... Provisionally will be held.

When links to flyers have been added, titles are underlined.
Sep 25 - 27 Fall Maine Mushrooms ... Cancelled David Porter and Michaeline Mulvey
Oct 9 - 11 Bryophytes: Mosses and Liverworts ... Cancelled Fred Olday
Oct 23 - 25 Crustose and Foliose Lichens ... Cancelled Fred Olday
Nov 6 - 8 Twig Identification of Trees and Shrubs ... Cancelled Dennis Magee
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