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Project and location ... The institute is working on plans for the construction of a multi-level astronomy center on the 235-foot summit of Eagle Hill on Dyer Neck, the only inhabited peninsula summit on the eastern Maine coast. Its upper level will have a flat roof, from which one will be able to look down over the tallest trees of the heavily forested peninsula and up to have a 360° unobstructed full horizon dark sky view of the Milky Way Galaxy, and south over the Gulf of Maine. It will be located within 1,500 feet of the shore of Dyer Bay within a 150-acre nature reserve. Petit Manan National Wildlife Refuge is to the immediate east and Schoodic Point of Acadia National Park is to the immediate west.

The overall setting ... Eagle Hill is located on the Gulf of Maine in the last dark sky region along the American Atlantic seaboard. Its dark sky views of our Milky Way galaxy are truly awe inspiring.

One will be able to watch the risings and settings of our Sun and Moon and the orbiting of the constellations and how they rise and set over the horizons over the course of a year. One will have a chance to see the Aurora Borealis when solar wind conditions are right.

The astronomy center will be universally fascinating to everyone who visits it, from school-age children through adults, because of the 360° view of the horizon one will have from its observation level, regardless of whether they have an interest in astronomy or not. Interests in astronomy among all visitors will thus surely naturally grow over time with repeat visits.

Because of the grandeur of the view it will provide, the Center will serve as a powerful teaching facility for naked eye observations. Lower levels of the Center will offer complementary classroom and independent study spaces.

For an executive summary of plans for the Astronomy Center, please click ... here.

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