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The Eagle Hill Institute’s astronomy initiative calls for the construction of an Astronomy Resource Center with an observation tower and a planetarium on the summit of the peninsula to the immediate east of the Schoodic Point section of Acadia National Park. This places the Center within the last dark sky region of the east coast of the United States, thus allowing the Institute to promote its missions in astronomy while helping to promote an awareness of the importance of dark skies.

From the upper level of the tower, one will have a magnificent 360-degree unobstructed view of the celestial sphere into deep Space. To the South, one will have an optimal view into the heart of the Milky Way over the ocean horizon. To the North, one will have a chance to see the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, when solar wind conditions are right. One will be able to watch the risings and settings of our Sun and Moon and the rotations of the constellations and how they rise and set over the horizons over the course of a year. Because of the grandeur of the view it will provide, the Tower will serve as a powerful teaching facility for naked eye observations.

The memorable experience of learning about astronomy under an open sky will be enhanced by the use of intermediate level telescopes on the Tower’s upper level , but guests will also be able to have more detailed views through the larger research level telescope that will be attached to bedrock in the ground level observatory and to learn about the research efforts of astronomers who will be operating it.

The planetarium at Eagle Hill will play a key role in providing a wide array of supporting educational programs throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions. Planetaria are popular destinations for the general public and visiting groups of students. They naturally complement programs with the naked eye and telescopes, since modern software can elegantly provide a virtual “feel like you are there” tour through the Universe.

The Astronomy Resource Center is planned as an integral part of the campus of the Eagle Hill Institute, which will provide logistical support for the Center, including space for living accommodations and dining, an office, meetings, and library resources.

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