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Friends of Music at Eagle HillMusic transcends time and cultures, in the sense that a veneration for composers and their compositions is passed down from generation to generation. Imagined within the cultural setting at the time of their creation, compositions serve as portals through which we can envisage the lives of composers and their relationships with others, all within a regional and indeed a global context during a continuum of interludes in history, right through to the present day.

There are deeply emotional reasons why composers, musicians, and listeners dedicate so much of their lives to immersing themselves within the world of music.

Musicians and listeners understand that each performance is unique, since each is an interpretation by the musicians of their in-the-moment understanding of the intent of the composers, as well as a reflection of their own muse and how they "resonate" with the muse of their audience.

Eagle Hill is pleased to host a series of concerts given by highly accomplished musicians who travel the world to share their passion for music. Concerts are followed by an optional dinner for guests who choose to make an extended evening of it by enjoying dinner afterwards with the musicians.

These concerts are an important part of the mission of the institute, since they help balance the experience of what it emotionally feels like to be "human".

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