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Eagle Hill Forums are amiable, in-person community sharing evenings. Participants have the opportunity to enjoy an intriguing fireside discussion about a variety of topics of interest to all, while sharing a simple meal.

Forums generally begin with a 15 minute introductory presentation, after which aspects of the topics that were presented are open for discussion. Digressions into tangentially-related topics are encouraged.

Forums are thus clearly intended to inspire a delightfully free-flowing and amiable discussion of ideas. They run for upwards of an hour, sometimes considerably longer. Start times are noted in the calendar below. Forums are open to participants who enjoy informed and informative discussions about such topics as international affairs, diplomacy, climate change, the sciences, the arts and humanities, economics, etc. What topics would you like to talk about?

Some forums have suggested summaries and/or reading materials that may be considered in advance. Neither is really needed to enjoy the lively discussion that will evolve each evening.

The format of the Forums draws much inspiration from the format of the grand salons of 17th, 18th, and 19th century Europe. For an interesting essay presenting a summary of precedents, please see ... Link

If you are moved to do so, you are welcome to interject a brief in-the-moment-appropriate presentation of a subject you think others may find interesting. Another idea is to bring a few copies of a news clipping and/or to share an annotated list of webpage links you think others may wish to take with them for their leisurely consideration at home.

Stone Soup Sharing ... A hearty soup, along with bread and butter and coffee and tea, will be available free for enjoyment during each forum. You are welcome to bring something additional to share. Seating is informally arranged around tables by the fireplace in the Commons Building and food and beverages are self-serve. BYOB for recreational beverages.

Please let us know if you would like to join us. ... 207-546-1219 ... office@eaglehill.us

Sign up for our community programs email list ... Here.



Program focus


2020 In-person Forums
Feb 8, 5PM Sat First Forum  
Feb 29, 5PM Sat Book: Why We’re Polarized, by Ezra Klein

Program description
William Youngs
For the near future, Forums are being held online. Link



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