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Eagle Hill Saturday Program Evenings

The following calendar lists program evenings that are scheduled and/or being scheduled through the end of 2017. All programs start at 5 PM. Suggestions for open dates are welcome.

We will be opening the Aerie Restaurant for optional family style meals after each program.

For questions ... 207-546-1219 ... joerg@eaglehill.us ... or ... Eagle Hill, PO Box 9, Steuben, ME 04680

Come early to hike our trails with the help of a map or browse the library's collection of 7,000 books on mostly natural history, plus 1,000 books on art history. Wifi is available.

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Dates Days Program titles. Description are at end of page. Presenters
2017 Programs
Aug 24 Thu What? Bamboos and Bald Cypresses in Northern Wisconsin? Michael Heim, Ojibwa Community College, WI
Aug 26 Sat    
Sep 2 Sat    
Sep 9 Sat    
Sep 16 Sat    
Sep 23 Sat    
Sep 30 Sat    
Oct 7 Sat    
Oct 14 Sat    
Oct 21 Sat    
Oct 28 Sat    
Nov 4 Sat    
Nov 11 Sat    
Nov 18 Sat    
Nov 25 Sat    
Dec 2 Sat    
Dec 9 Sat    
Dec 16 Sat    
Dec 23 Sat    
Dec 30 Sat    
Thu, Aug 24 ... Michael Heim ... The cold winters and sandy soils of the northwoods are often regarded as greatly limiting the kinds of plants which will survive and thrive there. However, the winter-long snow blanket and and well-drained acidic soils can actually be a boon to growing a variety of interesting plants, many of which are seldom seen in the Midwest. Some plants are simply quite a bit hardier than they are given credit for. The results of research by Dr. Heim on the adaptability of these plants in a Zone 3 climate will be discussed along with their aesthetic possibilities in an naturalized setting.


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