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Late Pliocene (Yorktown Formation) Teleostean Otoliths from New Localities in North Carolina, USA, and their Relationship to Other North American Assemblages
   Gary L. Stringer, Eric Sadorf, and Kevin Shannon

“Man and the Mastodon”: Revisiting the Northborough Mastodon
   Robert S. Feranec, Martin Christiansen, David “Bud” Driver, and Stuart J. Fiedel
Early Pliocene Leporids from the Gray Fossil Site of Tennessee
   Joshua X. Samuels and Julia Schap
Amphibians and Squamates from the Late Pleistocene (Rancholabrean) Clark Quarry, Coastal Georgia
   Dennis Parmley, Joshua L. Clark, and Alfred J. Mead

Proboscideans from US National Park Service Lands
   Jim I. Mead, Justin S. Tweet, Vincent L. Santucci, Jeffrey T. Rasic, and Sharon E. Holte
Fish Otoliths Provide Further Taxonomic and Paleoecologic Data for the Late Pleistocene (Rancholabrean) Jones Girls Site, Georgia
   Gary L. Stringer and Richard C. Hulbert Jr.

Spatial Variation in Predation in the Plio-Pleistocene Pinecrest Beds, Florida, USA
   Frank L. Forcino, Holly J. Hurding-Jones, and Emily S. Stafford
A New AMS Radiocarbon Date for the Ivory Pond Mastodon
   Stuart Fiedel, Robert Feranec, Thomas Marino, and David “Bud” Driver
The Development of an Oxbow Lake in Alabama, USA, Inferred from Diatom Microfossils and Sedimentation
   Jay Y. S. Hodgson and Amelia K. Ward
First Description and Significance of Cretaceous Teleostean Otoliths (Tar Heel Formation, Campanian) from North Carolina
   Gary L. Stringer, Don Clements, Eric Sadorf, and Kevin Shannon