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University and College Credits and CEUs

The Institute's seminars and workshops provide exceptional learning opportunities. Most participants take them for reasons other than degree purposes and then list them in their résumés or CVs under a section, such as, "Advanced Training Programs."

Credits for seminars

Colleges and universities routinely award credits for the Institute's seminars because they recognize that they

1) are very intensive advanced learning opportunities

2) are generally not available at colleges and universities due to their specialized subject matter, and

3) will extend the learning and networking opportunities which a university or college can provide to its students

Two options for obtaining credits

There are 2 options for earning university or college credits for seminars. Grading is based on 10 hours per day of class participation and an extra project after the completion of a seminar. In both cases, the office staff and the instructor(s) need to know of your interest in earning credits at least 2 weeks prior to your arrival at the Institute.

Student discounts are available

Students qualify for an automatic 15% discount off Eagle Hill tuition and accommodations (30% with a letter of recommendation from their adviser or department chair).

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for Professional Recertification

CEUs are also available. Link

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