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Financial Assistance

General Options

General discounts for seminars. Discounts are available for Institute alumni, university and college students, couples, and groups. Discounts options are listed in the application forms. Discounts apply to seminar tuition and room costs, but not to meal costs.

Scholarships for seminars. A limited number of partial scholarships are awarded for each of the Institute's seminars. Awards are based on merit, need, and availability. Scholarships range from 10 to 50% of costs for tuition and room costs, but do not apply to meal costs. Anyone may apply.

Possibilities for employer reimbursement for professional training. Many participants attend seminars or workshops at the Institute because these programs have a direct bearing on their professional duties. Many of these participants are therefore sponsored, at least in part, by their employers. Numerous state and federal agencies, universities, colleges, schools, institutions, and companies have recognized that the seminars at Eagle Hill serve as high-quality, "high-return" training programs. Many teachers, college and university instructors, and many other professionals have some contract provision allowing and encouraging them to take advantage of training programs such as those at Eagle Hill. Participants can either submit purchase orders from their organizations or can pay any fees themselves and then have their organizations reimburse them directly.

Options for Seminars and Workshops

Discounts for local residents. Participants who have proof of local residency (e.g., a drivers license with a Washington or Hancock County, Maine, address) are eligible for a 20% discount on tuition.

Scholarships for local high school students. Four scholarships are available each year for students from Sumner Memorial, Narragaugus, and Jonesport-Beals High Schools to attend seminars at Eagle Hill. The scholarships cover 100% of tuition costs and the commuter meal plan. Interested students need to submit a letter of recommendation from a science teacher and their principle along with a completed application form.

Latin American graduate student scholarships. Graduate students from countries in Latin America who wish to participate in a seminar or workshop at Eagle Hill are eligible for scholarships that cover 100% of costs for tuition, accommodations, and meals. Interested students need to submit a letter of recommendation from their advisor and department chair along with a completed application form.

Options for Researchers, Scholars, and Artists

Independent researchers who would like to stay at the Institute in order to conduct a research project are welcome. A one to two page summary of the research project is required ahead of time. There are many interesting habitats in the vicinity of the Institute. Please inquire about research options in this regard. Assistance with permitting requirements for collection of specimens is available. Fees for accommodations are discounted 50%. Additional discounts do not apply.

Independent personal studies by individuals who would like to stay at the Institute for natural history reading and personal study purposes are also welcome. Stays can be arranged in conjunction with or independently of a seminar. Arranging a stay in conjunction with a seminar may be helpful, since this gives one a chance to do some reading and prepare ahead of time, or to do follow-up field studies and work on specimens, while doing general reading about a seminar topic. Fees for accommodations are discounted 25%. Additional discounts do not apply.

Grants for independent research at the Institute. A limited number of grants covering room and board costs at the Institute are awarded for independent research projects. Proposals can be made in the form of a 1–2 page concise summary of the research project.


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