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Each summer since 1987, regional and national authorities in the field of natural history have come to the Eagle Hill Institute to lead intensive week-long field seminars and weekend workshops in their specialties. Most programs are offered for an advanced and professional audience, well-qualified undergraduate and graduate students, and amateur naturalists. Participants include independent scholars, university professors, amateur naturalists, professional field biologists and consultants, foresters, and teachers, as well as personnel from museums, botanical gardens, various federal and state agencies, and numerous environmental organizations.

Many of the programs at the Institute are rarely offered by other institutions. They represent an exceptional value in education because they are efficient and intensive in focus. This intensity is largely possible because instructors are leading authorities in their fields and because all participants are keenly interested in the subject of a given seminar. With a limited number of participants, instructors can individualize their instructional program. Participants have the opportunity to let instructors know ahead of time what their special interests are.

search for lichens at McLellan Park copyright Colin FreeburyThe programs are of special interest because they focus on the classical natural history of one of North America's most spectacular and pristine natural areas, the coast of eastern Maine from Acadia National Park to Petit Manan National Wildlife Refuge and beyond. Many programs focus on a particular group of organisms or a particular habitat. Others present a broad conceptual overview of a subject.

Programs usually meet each day from after breakfast through dinner and into the evening. They generally combine intensive field studies and follow-up work in the lab with lectures, discussions, and a review of the current literature. Meals are relaxed settings for informal discussions. Evenings are free for independent studies and/or slide presentations and follow-up discussions by the fireplace in the dining hall's comfortable lounge.

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