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The Southeastern Naturalist is valued by the academic, agency, NGO, and private-sector research and conservation community as a respected and trusted source for natural history science related to all aspects of the biology, ecology, and conservation of terrestrial, freshwater, and marine organisms and the environments of the southeastern Unites States.

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Successional Change and Fire History in Montane Longleaf Pine-Dominated Ecosystems of Northwestern Georgia, USA
Christopher G. Watersand Matthew P. Weand

Ecological Aspects of the Pirate Perch (Aphredoderus sayanus) in East Texas Streams
Valerie Castillo, Jake Swanson, and Carmen G. Montaña

First Time’s a Charm? Loggerhead Neophyte Mothers Have Higher Hatch Success
John M. Carroll, Mattie J. Whitesell, Elizabeth A. Hunter, and David C. Rosta

Scavenging by a Barred Owl in Northern Georgia
Jenna B. Myers and Michael J. Bender

Fecundity of the Stream Leuciscid Luxilus chrysocephalus (Striped Shiner) in the Flint River of Alabama
Bruce Stallsmith

Predation of the Federally Endangered Roanoke Logperch (Percina rex) by the Invasive Ozark Crayfish (Faxonius ozarkae)
David A. Foltz II, Jon A. Studio, David F. Ford, and Aaron M. Prewitt

Fish Assemblage and In-Stream Habitat Variation in Relation to Dam Structures on the Withlacoochee River, Florida, with Notes on Historical Records
Gregory J. Knothe, Jason H. O’Connor, and Craig T. Mallison

Habitat Use for Two Heliothermic Lizards in Longleaf Pine Savannas
Jennifer M. Howze and Lora L. Smith

Direct Observation of Muskrat Feeding on Crayfish
Susan B. Adams and Rebecca L. Rosamond

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