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The Southeastern Naturalist is valued by the academic, agency, NGO, and private-sector research and conservation community as a respected and trusted source for natural history science related to all aspects of the biology, ecology, and conservation of terrestrial, freshwater, and marine organisms and the environments of the southeastern Unites States.

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Changes in Avian Diversity Post-Wildfire in a Southeastern Deciduous Forest: Flipper Bend Woods, Signal Mountain, Tennessee
Mary Elizabeth Feely and David Aborn
Eastern Phoebe (Sayornis phoebe) Breeding-range Expansion in the Pee Dee region of South Carolina in 2022 Reaches the Lower Coastal Plain
Douglas B. McNair
Effects of Hen Wild Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) Incubation Recess Behavior on Survival and Nest Survival in Florida
Bobbi G. Carpenter, Kathryn E. Sieving, Theron M. Terhune II, Roger Shields, H. Tyler Pittman, and Andrea Sylvia
Spatial Multi-criteria Decision Modeling for Pinus palustris Mill. (Longleaf Pine) Restoration in the South Carolina Sandhills Wiregrass Gap
Jacob B.W. Murray, Robert Baldwin, Donald L. Hagan, and Patrick Hiesl
Examination of Plains Spotted Skunk (Spilogale interrupta) Burrow Systems
Daniel J. Benson, J. Clint Perkins, Kamren P. Jefferson, Robert C. Dowler, Christine C. Rega-Brodsky, and Richard D. Stevens
Optimizing Select Fraser Fir (Abies fraseri) Reforestation Methods within an Artificial Bald at Mount Buckley, Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Benjamin Smith, Shawn P. Brown, John Frampton, AnneMargaret Braham, C. Elizabeth Stokes, and Richard Baird
Spatial Pattern of Song-type Sharing in Male Bachman’s Sparrows in South Florida
Joseph M. Niederhauser and Rindy C. Anderson
American Black Bears Depredate American Alligator Nests in South Florida
Darcy Doran-Myers, Mark Parry, Sean M. McHugh, Matthew McCollister, Brian K. Scheick5, and Shelby Shiver

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