Photo Legend

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Key Description
BB Blueberry barrens (regularly harvested wild low bush blueberries)
BH Blue Hill
BP Birch Point
CB Mountains behind which the City of Bangor is located
CM Cadillac Mountain (Mt. Desert Island section of Acadia National Park)
CP Carrying Place Cove
DB  Dyer Bay, with open ocean to left (South)
DBW Northwest reach of Dyer Bay
DBE Northeast reach of Dyer Bay (ends in salt marsh)
EH Eagle Hill (the highest point on Dyer Neck, 235 feet above sea level)
OO Open Ocean
PM Petit Manan National Wildlife Refuge in the foreground, viewed from Pigeon Hill
SAI Sally Island (has an active Bald Eagle Nest)
SHI Sheep Island
SM Schoodic Mountain (Schoodic Point section of Acadia National Park)