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Administrative Assistant/Program Manager ... We are looking for someone who has a broad philosophical interest in the multiplicity of programs Eagle Hill offers and who enjoys attention to details by way of assuming leadership responsibilties. This is an opportunity to learn how we integrate the essential communication languages of Dreamweaver, Indesign, Photoshop, FileMakerPro, et al., in order to communicate about the opportunities the Institute offers in natural history science training, publishing, conferences, residencies, and study retreats. The position can integrate with/involve some of the following positions. This position is only open to Institute alumni. Housing can be provided.

Dreamweaver programmer ... We are looking for someone with Dreamweaver programming skills who can help update our webpages and create new ones. The programming work is part time and can be done from home. Technical help is available.

Indesign graphic designer ... We are looking for someone with Indesign and Photoshop skills who can help with the page layout of manuscripts for our scientific journals and page layout for our publicity flyers. The graphic design and photo-editing work is part time and can be done from home. Technical help is available. ... Sample journal

Copy editors ... We are looking for help with copy editing manuscripts for our scientific journals. The position requires a meticulous "eye" for punctuation and related formatting while going over over manuscripts for readability and sentence structure, etc. These positions are part time and can be done from home. Technical help is available. ... Sample journal

Fine craftsperson - Ceramics ... We are looking for someone with a fine crafts interest in pottery/ceramics to help us develop projects with natural history motifs using slip casting and tile-making techniques.

CNC router table operator ... We are looking for someone who has an interest in learning to operate our CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) router table to carve natural history motifs into wood panels and ceramic tiles.

Grantwriter ... We are looking for alumni who have interests in grantwriting and who have keen personal interests in one or more of the missions of the Institute. They are welcome to further these interests by way of searching out grant opportunities relevant to the Institute and helping to draft grant proposals. Prior experience with applying for grants is helpful. Clear thinking and writing skills are essential.

Conference mobile app programmer ... We are looking for someone who has experience with programming a mobile app, such as Yapp, so that we can provide a mobile conference schedule for our annual Northeast Natural History Conference. Compensation is by way of a pair of full conference registrations and 2 night's accomodation in the conference hotel.

Chef ... We are looking for a chef who is interested in the career-focusing opportunity of helping to re-invent the Institute's Aerie Restaurant. We would like to be open for a la carte dining on Friday and Saturday evenings during summers and year-round for special events for up to 72 people and for after-concert dinners. We are also looking for a chef for family style for the Institute's resident seminar participants. ... Aerie website

Conservator of paintings ... We have a paid internship position for a conservator who would would enjoy spending time in a nature preserve on the coast of Maine. Mornings would be dedicated to working on a collection of 19th century oil paintings that need attention, e.g., by in-painting, cleaning, patching, and revarnishing, with an option to restore gesso frames.

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