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Southeastern Naturalist Volume 14, Number 2, 2015

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Resolving the Identity of Texas Desmognathus
Toby J. Hibbitts, Scott A. Wahlberg, and Gary Voelker
Instream Habitat Associations Among Three Federally Threatened and a Common Freshwater Mussel Species in a Southeastern Watershed
Bijay B. Niraula, Jonathan M. Miller, J. Murray Hyde, and Paul M. Stewart
Bat Activity Increases with Barometric Pressure and Temperature During Autumn in Central Georgia
Michael J. Bender and Gregory D. Hartman
Host-Fish Identifications for Two Gulf Coast-Drainage Freshwater Mussels, Lampsilis straminea (Southern Fatmucket) and Quadrula succissa (Purple Pigtoe)
Kathryn M. Harriger, John R. Knight, and Matthew G. Wegener
Distinctions in Pitcher Morphology and Prey Capture of the Okefenokee Variety within the Carnivorous Plant Species Sarracenia minor
Jessica D. Stephens, Rebecca L. Godwin, and Debbie R. Folkerts
Wildlife Visitation on a Multi-unit Educational Livestock Facility in Northwestern Georgia
Susanna E. Kitts-Morgan, Reneé E. Carleton, Stuart L. Barrow, Katharine A. Hilburn, and Amanda K. Kyle
Local-Scale Difference of Coyote Food Habits on Two South Carolina Islands
Cady R. Etheredge, Sloane E. Wiggers, Olivia E. Souther, Lindi L. Lagman, Greg Yarrow, and Jamie Dozier
Are Wintering Areas Shifting North? Learning from Lesser Snow Geese Banded in Southwest Louisiana
Jón Einar Jónsson and Alan D. Afton
A Survey of the New River Aquatic Plant Community in Response to Recent Triploid Grass Carp Introductions into Claytor Lake, Virginia
Matthew A. Weberg, Brian R. Murphy, Andrew L. Rypel, and John R. Copeland
Brumation of Introduced Black and White Tegus, Tupinambis merianae (Squamata: Teiidae), in Southern Florida
Michelle A. McEachern, Amy A. Yackel Adams, Page E. Klug, Lee A. Fitzgerald, and Robert N. Reed
Structure and Dynamics of Lithobates sylvaticus (Wood Frog) at the Periphery of its Range in Missouri
Raymond D. Semlitsch and Dana L. Drake
Spatial Ecology and Habitat Use of the Coachwhip in a Longleaf Pine Forest
Jennifer M. Howze and Lora L. Smith
Efficacy of Trail Cameras to Identify Individual Florida Panthers
Roy McBride and Rebecca Sensor
Initial Observations of Kleptoplasty in the Foraminifera of Coastal South Carolina
Megan E. Cevasco, Shawnee M. Lechliter, Alexander E. Mosier, and Jasmine Perez
Trophic Variation in Coastal Plain Stream Predatory Fishes
Dean E. Fletcher, Angela H. Lindell, Garrett K. Stillings, Gary L. Mills, Susan A. Blas, and J Vaun McArthur
Seasonal Coyote Diet Composition at a Low-Productivity Site
Morgan B. Swingen, Christopher S. DePerno, and Christopher E. Moorman
Seasonal Variation in Composition of Key Largo Woodrat (Neotoma floridana smalli) Diets
Jennifer M. Kanine, Steven B. Castleberry, Michael T. Mengak, and Christopher Winchester
An Unusual Beaver (Castor canadensis) Lodge in a Louisiana Coastal Marsh
Ruth M. Elsey, Steven G. Platt, and Mark Shirley
A Potential Case of Brood Parasitism by Eastern Bluebirds on House Sparrows
Jessica A. Fowler Neal and Virginie Rolland
Occurrence of Ameiurus nebulosus (Brown Bullhead) in Texas
Cody A. Craig, Christopher R. Vaughn, David S. Ruppel, and Timothy H. Bonner

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