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Registration Form for the combined 2021 Northeast Natural History Conference and Annual Meetings of the Wilson Ornithological Society, and the Association of Field Ornithologists

Please note: If this form is successfully submitted, you will receive an email verification of the informationyou do not receive verification within two business days, please contact us to resolve the issue (thoug you sent (separate from the automated message that appears onscreen after hitting the submit button). If h first please check your email's Junk and Spam folders to be sure the confirmation message did not get filtered out of your Inbox). We strongly recommend registering well in advance of deadlines.

I. Registrant Information

* Denotes required fields. If requesting student rates, please be sure to include the department and college or university, or the high school, in which you are currently enrolled. Please enter information as you wish it to appear in the conference catalog.

*First Name
*Last Name
*State/Province (Two letter postal abbreviation)
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Country (if not USA)
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Are you submitting an abstract for or a co-presenter of a poster presentation?
(If yes, use section IV at the end to enter your presentation information)

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    If so, are you currently a student? [only student posters are eliglble to be judged for awards]

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Are you submitting an abstract or a co-presenter for an oral presentation?
(If yes, use section IV at the end to enter your presentation information)

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Are you interested/willing to serve as a moderator for an oral session? If so, please indicate the field(s) or topic(s) you would be comfortable moderating.


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Please indicate if you would like to participate in any of the following conference workshops. ( For more info, see workshop descriptions here). **As workshops fill up, we will mark them as FULL, and any subsequent sign-ups will be added to a waiting list in the order received, in the event that a spot opens up if someone drops out.

Workshop 1: Spotted Lanternfly in the US

Note: Additional Workshops will be listed here as they are confimed. Keep checking the web site for new workshop offerings. If you decide to sign up for workshops after you have already registered, please send your choices to office@eaglehill.us (please don't complete a second registration form).

II. Registration

IIa. Basic Registration Fees (covers access to all conference activities including, though, as noted above, some workshops may have limited capacity to be filled on a first-come sign up basis.)

*Early registration (payment received by March 19—save 10% compared to registering later)

  Regular: $155
Retired*: $130
Early professional**: $75
Student: $50
*Those over 65 years of age and no longer employed are eligible for this reduced rate.
**Those who are no longer students but obtained their terminal degree within the last 5 years.

Note: WOS and AFO have some funds available, on a first come basis to qualified applicants, to assist ornithology presenters who are students, early professionals, and those from certain countries. To see if you qualify for financial assistance to reduce the registration cost for this conference and how to apply for the sponsorships, please visit the sponsorship info page before completing this registration form.

  Click the appropriate button if you have been granted a Registration sponsorship by WOS/AFO to help cover the costs of this conference, and enter the sponsorship code you were given.     Student sponsorhsip

    Early Professional sponsorship

    Special Country sponsorship



III. Comments (thoughts, concerns, questons,etc.)

IV. Presentation Information

What kind of presentation(s) are you planning on giving? Oral   Poster   Both

Please enter this here the session name or theme(s) you feel your presentation is best suited to be a part of:

Please indicate any timing restrictions for scheduling your presentation(s) here (e.g., if you can't present on a particular day or a particular part of a day.

•Avoid the use of all caps. Please use upper and lower case in Times 10 pt font when providing the following information about your presentation.
•Include session name or theme(s) you feel your presentation is best suited to be a parted of.
•Affiliation name and location (city, state) needs to be placed in parentheses immediately following the person's name.
•Italicize scientific names of all genus and species mentioned.
•Limit the abstract to a single paragraph with a maximum of no more than 350 words.
•The first time a species is mentioned in the text of an abstract, give both its scientific name (listed first) and, if it has one, its common name (following in parentheses).
•Capitalize the common names of all species.
•Avoid as much as possible the use of specialized mathematical symbols
Click here for a pdf of the following annotated sample that illustrates the key formatting guidelines.

VERY IMPORTANT: In addition to providing the title and presenter information below for each presentation, you need to email your abstract, along with all of the presentation information, formatted as described above, as a Word file to keithg@eaglehill.us. For the title the file and the email subject line, use: [your last name and first initial]-NENHC 2020-specify Oral or Poster] Presentation (for example: JonesM-NENHC2020-Oral Presentation). You will receive an email confirming receipt of your abstract.

IV.a. Poster Presentation(s)

Poster #1 Title
(please limit to 100 characters in length)
Poster #2 Title
(please limit to 100 characters in length)
Presenter name (followed by affiliation and email address in parenthesis)


IV.b. Oral Presentation(s)

Oral #1 Title
(please limit to 100 characters in length)
Oral #2 Title
(please limit to 100 characters in length)
Oral #3 Title
(please limit to 100 characters in length)
Presenter name (followed by affiliation and email address in parenthesis)

As an online event, many elements of this year's conference, including sessions, workshops, and special events, will be recorded, made available to registrants for a period of time following the conclusion of the conference, and archived for future reference. All those who participate in the confernce need to sign off on their agreement to allowing the conference orgainzers to archive all content and make it available without restrictions.
Yes, I agree to these terms of participation.

How would you like to pay?
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I will pay by check (snail mail)
My registration fees will be paid by someone else (e.g., my advisor, professor, supervisor, etc.)

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