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Call for Virtual Field Trips


Proposals for "field" trips are welcome. A "field" trip for a virtual event could consist of a pre-recorded slide show or video presentation that documents a visit to a particular site or sites with a focus on examining some aspect(s) of the natural history (e.g.,taking photos or clips when visiting your favorite vernal pool and then assembling a narrated presentation from that). Organizers of such "field" trips would have until the week prior to the start of the conference to upload their recorded presentations. This field trips would then be available for viewing by attendees at any time duing the conference

The deadline for virtual field trip submissions is April 8th.

To submit a proposal or if you have any suggestions or questions you would like to discuss, please contact keithg@eaglehill.us with the details.

We will be posting the Field Trips as soon as they are confirmed.

Please note that if field trips are planning on having access to conference events, they will need to register for the conference.



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