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First Annual NENHC Natural History Video Festival:
A Visual Celebration of Nature

Date and Time: Saturday April 18th, 7:30 pm.

Location: TBA

Description: Attention videographers, researchers, naturalists, and conservationists! — Do you have some cool footage highlighting an aspect of the amazing and beautiful natural world we are blessed to call home here in the Northeast? Well, this is a great opportunity to share and showcase your clips of interesting, inspiring, and/or entertaining behaviors, interactions, and habitats of northeastern species, as well as your edited and/or narrated, nature-focused productions intended to inform, educate, or make a statement.

Open to all NENHC registrants—even those registered only for Sunday —who want to spend an enjoyable night celebrating nature on the big screen. Each member of the audience will get a program that includes a ballot to vote for their choices of Best of Show in each category. Promises to be great fun!

No separate pre-registration required for attending this event. For rules and guidelines on submitting videos for inclusion in the festival, click here.


Other 2020 NENHC special events will be listed here as they are confirmed.




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