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Session Topics

Proposed Sessions with Organizers and Contact Information

Sessions are listed below once they have been proposed. If you have questions about a particular proposed session, please contact the organizer listed for that session. If you would like to organize a session on a topic that has not yet been proposed, please see the call for sessions page.

Session Title Organizer Contact Information
Plenary Session    
Early Successional Bird Ecology Kevin Tolan ktolan@vtecostudies.org
New England Flora: Continued Need for Study Eric Doucette Eric.Doucette@mcla.edu
Plant–Insect Interactions Christian Liriano cliriano1018@gmail.com
Conservation Management    
The Future of Species Identification Steve Young steve.young@dec.ny.gov
The Role of Rehabilitation in Wildlife Conservation Kathy Michell kmichell@hvc.rr.com
The Value of Professional Organizations for Wetland Scientists: Learning from the Past and Planning for the Future Scott Smyers smyers@oxbowassociates.com
Fish Ecology    
Patterns and Processes of Fish Biology Daniel Welsh dwelsh3@fitchburgstate.edu
Forest Ecology    
Life on the Edge: Forest Ecosystem Response to the Secondary Effects of Land-cover Change Andrew Reinmann areinmann@gc.cuny.edu
Pitch Pines: Natural History and Human Influence Jessica Gurevitch
Matthew Aiello-Lammens
Freshwater Ecology    
Natural and Anthropogenic Habitat Alterations in Freshwater Ecosystems: Impact Assessment Paul Wilson pwilson@po-box.esu.edu
Freshwater Mussels Denise Mayer denise.mayer@nysed.gov
Using Aquatic Entomology to Ascertain Water Quality in Rivers Charles Morgan cmorgan@usj.edu
General Ecology    
Behavioral Ecology Catherine Bevier crbevier@colby.edu
Mutualism Chris Moore cmmoore@colby.edu
Ecology and Conservation of Diamondback Terrapins in the Northeast Tyler Kartzinel
Nancy Karraker
Scott Buchanan
Herpetology Ecology Theodora Pinou PinouT@wcsu.edu
Human Impacts    
Large-scale Photovoltaic Facilities: Minimizing Ecological Impacts Erik Kiviat kiviat@bard.edu
Urban Ecology Aaron Grade agrade@umass.edu
Invasive Species    
Medical Entomology Gary Torrisi gtj6512@gmail.com
Soil Fauna Ecology Christian Liriano cliriano1018@gmail.com
Tardigrade Ecology Emma Perry
Harry Meyer
Marine and Coastal Ecology    
Coastal Ecology of New England: Species at Risk and Restoration Jennifer Mattei matteij@sacredheart.edu
Paleobotany and Paleozoology of the Northeast Fred Rogers ROGERSFS@franklinpierce.edu
Science Education and Public Engagement    
Citizen Science & Science Education: Teaching Science by doing Science Gustavo Requena gs.requena@gmail.com
New Natural History Books: Insights from the Authors Jerry Jenkins jerrycreejenkins@gmail.com





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