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American Society for Amatuer Archaeology (ASAA) Symposium on


Date and Time: Saturday evening, 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm.

Location: Room A

Description: Recent discovery of a butchered mastodon in Orange County, New York, together with evidence for Clovis huinting rituals, have precipitated rethinking of palaeontological sites and faunal assemblages. A clear picture of ancient interactions between human beings and proboscideans (and other mega-fauna) has begun to emerge. Heretofore unknown artifacts and behaviors link Palaeo-Americans to a cultural hearth in Eurasia. These patterns connecting Old and New Worlds suggest that the process of mega-fauna extinctions was finally completed in the Americas.

Open to all NENHC registrants—even those registered for Sunday only who want to come the evening before—who are interested in peering into our natural history past and catch what promises to be a very intriguing and insightful perspective on the paleontology of our region and its broader implications.


A Site Where a Butchered Mastodon was Consumed and Its Skeleton Transformed into Artifacts by Richard M. Gramly

Lighting, Heating, and Cooking during the Late Pleistocene: Upper Palaeolithic Lamps in the Old and New Worlds by Richard M. Gramly and Dennis J. Vesper

Discovery of Portable Art from the Clovis Zone, Hiscock Site, NY by James B. Harrod

Cultural Insights Derived from Iroquois and Northeastern Oral  Traditions of Ancient "Monsters" by Russell Judkins

The Coats–Hines Site, Tennessee, and Mastodon B by Richard M. Gramly, John Broster, and Chris Widga


Other 2019 NENHC special events will be listed here as they are confirmed.




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