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Northeastern Naturalist Volume 20, Number 3, 2013


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Genetic Confirmation of Cougars (Puma concolor) in Eastern Canada
Le Duing Lang, Nathalie Tessier, Marc Gauthier, Renee Wissink, Hélène Jolicoeur, and François-Joseph Lapointe
Rapid Assessment Tools for Conserving Woodland Vernal Pools in the Northern Blue Ridge Mountains
Erik D. Lindquist, David K. Foster, Samuel P. Wilcock, and Jeffrey S. Erikson
Does Pitcher Plant Morphology Affect Spider Residency?
Marc A. Milne and Deborah A. Waller
Chronic Natural Occurrence of Disseminated Neoplasia in Select Populations of the Soft-shell Clam, Mya arenaria, in New England
S. Anne Böttger, Emily J. Amarosa, Paul Geoghegan, and Charles W. Walker
Freeze-Drying to Preserve Birds for Teaching Collections
Alexandra V. Shoffner and Margaret C. Brittingham
Effects of Twenty Years of Deer Exclusion on Woody Vegetation at Three Life-History Stages in a Mid-Atlantic Temperate Deciduous Forest
Jennifer C. McGarvey, Norman A. Bourg, Jonathan R. Thompson, William J. McShea, and Xiaoli Shen
Influences of Precipitation, Temperature, and Acorn Mast on White-Tailed Deer Body Weight in the Northern Piedmont of Virginia
Sean A.B. Campbell and Thomas C. Wood
Morphometry and Claw Strength of the Non-nativeAsian Shore Crab, Hemigrapsus sanguineus
Andrew Payne and George P. Kraemer
Effects of Prescribed Fire on the Eastern Box Turtle (Terrapene carolina carolina)
Christopher A.F. Howey and Willem M. Roosenburg
Influence of Sediment Type on Antipredator Response of the Softshell Clam, Mya arenaria
Elsie Thomson and Damon P. Gannon
Overwater Movement of Raccoons (Procyon lotor) in a Naturally Fragmented Coastal Landscape
Raymond D. Dueser, Nancy D. Moncrief, Oskars Keišs, Joel D. Martin, John H. Porter, and Barry R. Truitt
A Preliminary Assessment of the Ground-Dwelling Arthropod Community Composition in Six Common Dune Cover Types at Cape Cod National Seashore
Brad C. Timm and Kevin McGarigal
Short-term Effects of Beaver Dam Removal on Brook Trout in an Appalachian Headwater Stream
Jonathan M. Niles, Kyle J. Hartman, and Patrick Keyser
Documentation of the Mantleslugs Philomycus carolinianus and Megapallifera mutabilis (Gastropoda: Philomycidae) in Wisconsin
Megan Paustian, Janis Annesley, Joan Jass, and Barbara Klausmeier
Additional Winter Recoveries of Indiana Bats (Myotis sodalis) Banded during Summer in Michigan
Craig D. Rockey, Joshua P. Stumpf, and Allen Kurta
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